Our story

Dimple Fashion is the best place for a fashionist to create the perfect wardrobe. Launched in 2005 at Rolla, Sharjah – the cultural capital of UAE, we stand tall amongst the fashion retail chains not only in Sharjah but also in the northern emirates of the UAE. We began our journey with just one outlet at Rolla, and now have six exclusive showrooms in different parts of Sharjah. Prakash Gurnani’s vision of providing excellent customer service and the latest in fashions to men, women and kids, has made Dimple Fashion a favorite among shoppers.

Our clothing and accessories are carefully curated to provide our customers the latest fashions. To keep our customers in style, we have weekly new arrivals and we offer stylist picks to help any indecisive shoppers as well. We also provide exclusive designer and unique fashion clothing to our customers upon request. Our top highlights include wedding fashion consultancy, exceptionally quick make-to-order feature, live stitching, live altering, and a hassle-free home delivery. We value your feedback, whether positive or constructive and we are continuously working to improve your experience. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a long-standing customer, you will be thrilled with every aspect of your Dimple Fashion shopping experience.

Beyond helping you look your best, Dimple Fashion strives to make every purchase a positive experience. Till date we’ve had over 20,000 satisfied customers most of which are repeatedly visiting us for their next best shopping experience. We also have long-standing customers from other emirates and the UK. We are specialized in wholesale, retail, importing and exporting of various high-quality garments.


Dimple Group believes in creating an innovative culture where knowledge is shared. This is a culture for success in which we can all work to attain the highest professional standards and sustainable and profitable growth.


Welcoming ideas and learning from others give us the competitive edge that benefits our customers and suppliers. We constantly challenge what we do and are brave about suggesting changes.

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